Vintage Theatre Briller

In March 2021 our director started as a vlogger on YouTube, hoping that she could talk about teatre, art, life and the noble art of growing old. Granny Gro Ann is the channel name, and she has now about 70 subscribers. We put out some of her video blogs here, the ones we find interesting for our theatre work. Please take a look. Granny Gro Ann is a vlog in English, so that the topics can reach all over the world. 


Granny Gro Ann 21/10

Ella Fiskum at R.E.D

Gro Ann had the opportunity to join in a dance project in july 2021.It was both interesting and great fun! Three days together with 21 fantastic performing artists out in the hayfield near to where she lives In this vlog she interviews the dancer and producer Ella Fiskum at R.E.D - Residency Eina Danz, Norway. Creating Art in Landscape. It was a wonderful experience for a grown up lady.

Granny Gro Ann 21/9

Introducing Gravity Dance 

In this vlog, you will meet the dancers Mai Elin from Norway and Margarita from Colombia. Two dancers with two different dance techniques have come together and started Gravity Dance Collective at Gjøvik in Norway. Gro Ann had the pleasure of working with them, and here she interview them about their dance collective before they set off to Oslo Jazzdance festival, summer 2021.

Granny Gro Ann 21/8

Work in progress

Gro Ann talk about the work at the board of Norwegian Equity, and the importance of cultural policy. She also talks about her next theatre project, a play she has written, will produce and direct. This is one year from now, ans she has just found the cast and the composer for the play. She is very happy.

Granny Gro Ann 22/5

World Theatre day 2022

On world theatre day 2022, Granny Gro Ann takes the opportunity to talk about why she became an actress, and what it means to her as a human being. She also talks about president Zelensky who started off as an actor, but now shows his bravery to the world. Please check into this vlog today!