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Gro Ann started vlogging on YouTube in 2021, hoping that she could talk about art, literature, theater, and also "the noble art of growing old" as she that year became 67. However, she did not retire full-time but started a theatre school instead.  here are some examples from her vlogging.

Please take a look. The vlogs are in English, and can therefore reach all over the world. 

Granny Gro Ann 22/6

Three theatre critics

In this vlog Granny Gro Ann talks about three plays she has seen during the last 6 months.  HERE from the Crumple company, Don Quijote from The National touring company and Peer Gynt by the Gålå Lake in Gudbrandsdalen. All productions from Norway. Please take a look.

Granny Gro Ann 23/6

William Shakespeare

In this vlog Granny Gro Ann Has interviewed the author Geir Uthaug who has newly come out with a large book about the identity of William Shakespeare. What do we really know, and is it possible that someone else wrote all the famous plays? There wa a trial about this matter in april this year in London.

Granny Gro Ann 21/5

A good book by Lars Mytting

Gro Ann talks about a fascinating book by the Norwegian authur Lars Mytting, THE SIXTEEN TREES OF THE SOMME. It has bee translated into 14 languages and no wonder, for this book is brilliant!

This vlog is by the way, the first critic of literature Granny Gro Ann has made 😊

Granny Gro Ann 21/10

Ella Fiskum at R.E.D

Gro Ann had the opportunity to join in a dance project in july 2021.It was both interesting and great fun! Three days together with 21 fantastic performing artists out in the hayfield near to where she lives In this vlog she interviews the dancer and producer Ella Fiskum at R.E.D - Residency Eina Danz, Norway. Creating Art in Landscape. It was a wonderful experience for a grown up lady.

Granny Gro Ann 22/11

Art in Landscape

Gro Ann is showing us two beautiful blue sculptures in an open Landscape. The first is called CROWD by Gitte Dæhlin at Sør-Fron, Norway, and the other is called ALLIUM by Sverre Wyller at Østre Toten, Norway. Take a look at this vlog, and you will find out how they look surrounded by nature.

Granny Gro Ann 21/9

Introducing Gravity Dance 

In this vlog, you will meet the dancers Mai Elin from Norway and Margarita from Colombia. Two dancers with two different dance techniques have come together and started Gravity Dance Collective at Gjøvik in Norway. Gro Ann had the pleasure of working with them, and here she interview them about their dance collective before they set off to Oslo Jazzdance festival, summer 2021.

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