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Granny Gro Ann
on YouTube

Gro Ann had her debut as a vlogger on YouTube this March. Her goal is to talk about theatre, art, literature and the noble art of growing old, which is something she will experience in the years to come, and she wants to bring you along with her. So far she has put out 2 vlogs per month. Here you can see some of them, related to theatre, literature and art. Please watch!

International project

vlog 11/21

Granny Gro Ann talks about the performance of Peer Gynt at Gålå. The beautiful mountains in Gudbransdalen, and her new habit: YOGA in the morning. Please watch!

vlog 10/21

Gro Ann was lucky to participate in a dance project at R.E.D this summer. An Art-performance in the green fields at Eina. In this vlog, she features this As we exist-project, and the leader Ella Fiskum at R.E.D (Residency Eina Danz) in Vestre Toten, Norway.

vlog 5/21

Time for literature. Gro Ann had a fascinating time reading The sixteen trees of the Somme, a novel by Lars Mytting. In this vlog, she talks about the novel, and why it fascinated her so much.

vlog 8/21

Talking here about a new theatre project for summer 2022. The main team have been found, and Gro Ann looks forward to starting writing the manuscript. She also talks about the work at the board of Norwegian Equity.

vlog 9/21

Gro Ann had the pleasure of working with the dance company Gravity. Three days in June. Directing them before they went to a festival in Oslo.  This vlog is mainly about them. Mai Elin Løkken and Margarita  GM in Grav(i)ty dansekollektiv.

vlog 6/21

Living in the countryside of Norway, Gro Ann philosophies about the similarities between the farmers and the artists. She also talks about the year with covid19 that we are living in, and how sad it is to lose someone dear to us.